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Posted on 12/28/05

If you suspect that someone recieved government assistance by fraudulant means, please report them. You may remain anonymous and I assure you, an investigation into your claim will be done and action taken if neccessary.

Please read the information below, which can be found in detail at

False disaster claims or theft of government property, prosecuted by the Justice Department, are felonies carrying maximum penalties of 10 years imprisonment or $250,000 fine or both.

Through computer databases, informant tips, and hotline tips, we are receiving information of fraudulent claims, Skinner said. Those who have made such claims, whether to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or any other government entity, should take stock of their situation and seriously consider withdrawing their claims or voluntarily returning monies already disbursed to them, he added.

FEMA officials urged victims of the storms to beware of suspected criminal activity involving disaster assistance programs. Anyone can make an anonymous report by calling the toll-free Hurricane Relief Fraud Hotline, 1-866-720-5721, 24 hours a day, seven days a week until further notice. Information can also be emailed to the inspector general at or sent by surface mail, with as many details as possible, to:

Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC. 20528
Attn: Office of Inspector General, Hotline

The Department of Justice Hurricane Katrina Fraud Task Force and Federal Trade Commission Consumer Response Center will also accept disaster fraud information. To provide information to the Justice Department, access the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at The Federal Trade Commission accepts disaster

– Mystery Guest

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  1. Not sure what the higher-ups at the office are saying about this issue Mystery Guest, but you might want to read this article:

    Sun-Sentinel Article about reporting FEMA fraud and the runaround that comes with it.

    The article is a bit old (Feb), so I’m not sure if they worked the kinks out yet.

    Comment by Administrator — December 28, 2005

  2. I do not know what they are saying about it either, but I’d rather fraud be reported and have a chance of being investigated, rather than people not doing anything at all based on that article.

    Comment by MysteryGuest — December 28, 2005

  3. I agree 100%.

    That article just made the “I assure you, an investigation into your claim will be done and action taken if neccessary” fall a bit flat. It might take a bit more than one phone call or letter to get through to the right people.

    Hopefully, the info in that article no longer reflects how such reports are handled. I would be in awe if they actually have their stuff together though. It’s just not FEMA’s MO.

    Comment by Administrator — December 29, 2005

  4. Why are you allowing people in Kenner, St.Rose, and Laplace,La. that homes were still in livible conditions go to Texas and receive free housing,and all the other assistance? When those in Hotels and shelters that really lost their homes,have yet to find a place to stay.These People in these surrounding areas only moved out of La. to beat the system and get over. Something should be done about this.That way those in Hotels and shelters could have been placed in Homes by now.And those that’s sqeezing the system,buying new cars and clothes,not to mention coming back to La. every weekend to party and work their self employment jobs should be dealt with to the fullest extend.I think there should be an investigation done on those that have moved from these surrouning areas,just to see if their previous address was destroyed.You would be surprised !!

    Comment by stacey b colin — December 31, 2005

  5. since when did the government start prosecuting their fellow crooks?

    Comment by Surely you gest! — January 1, 2006

  6. Surely you gest and stacey,

    I agree with you, a lot of people within and outside of the agency should be investigated. However, if you see something locally that is in question, report it. I’d rather people stand up and say something instead of sit on their hands and be angry about it. I tell applicants this everyday.

    Comment by mysteryguest — January 1, 2006

  7. i know of fema and sba fraud ….but it seems that nothing wants to be done…..although reverse circumstances action was taken….and these people are more quilty then the one they turned in ….names are jim talbott and tina spicer…of vancleave , ms…..they fraudently obtain and used fema and sba money for personal pleasure…gambling etc….

    Comment by robert manley — June 30, 2008

  8. I know a woman named L’anel Stewart (Washington) that got over on fema I reported her through the call center and nothing has yet to be done. She was living in Ohio at the time Katrina hit and she lied and said she lived in New Orleans east. I don’t know what else to do about this. Some of my family members didn’t recieve funds but this woman lies and says she was there at the time the storm came really bugs me. And I am sorry that because of people like her are the reason why the honest man get nada.

    Comment by Christie — July 26, 2008

  9. One would think that if you did call fema and report fraud they would be all over it. They are not though. I lived in a house for about 6 months after Rita and fema’s rental assistance program was paying my rent for me.
    When I moved and I called FEMA and told them I had moved and would no longer need the assistance, (yes some of us do not abuse the system like everyone thinks we all do) But I checked my fema case online one day for no reason, i guess fate lead me to look, but I noticed that the landlord was still getting paid and for him to get paid he has to send in monthly a bill for the next months rent. He had done this for over a year. I hated the landlord as it was, i just had a funny feeling about this guy, he is a pompous jerk and is the type that is just out for what he can get by with for as little as he can put forth the effort to get money. But I called fema and told them they had been paying this guy for over a year and i was not living there and i knew he had to send in request for payment monthly so he was willingly and blatantly commiting fraud. I gave femas fraud dept this guys name, address phone number, everything they needed to go after him. He has taken the citizens of this country for $6,900. and I truly believe he is getting away with this. I check on my case online every so often and see where they havent reversed the money so i assume the scum landlord has not been punished yet. I know femas main goal is to get the money back and I am sure they will just let it be and wont prosecute as long as the money is being paid back, which i think is letting people like this off to easy, he and others like him should serve time in jail for fraud. Not putting these people in jail encourages other low lifes to de-fraud the system.
    I dont even know how to check to see if maybe i am wrong and they have done something with this guy. I called the county’s DA and reported the fraud to them to, just in case. I hate this guy used my misfortune and the generosity of the United states for his crime. I almost feel like a victim here. Hard to explain why but i just do. He used my misfortune is what is so offensive to me. But I do take comfort in Lifes Karma. I know somewhere, someone, somehow this guy will get what he has coming and it will be a doozie too. I just wished i could be around to see it happen. But i wont i dont even live in the same state anymore.
    But this was just for FYI for you guys who think fema jumps all over fraud issues…i dont believe they do.

    Comment by Donna — September 21, 2008

  10. I am trying to figure out what is going on or if my ex-wife is being investigated for fraud with FEMA. My ex-wife is lkiving in a house owned only by me and she filed a claim with FEMA stating that the house had been flooded from the june 2008 floods. My ex also when filing the application use a wrong alias. She used her former married name and not the name she now uses. As of September 27, 2007 my ex became Amanda Jo Rhyan. She used on the application in 2008 Amanda J. Bowden. I do know that there is a case number and a pin number becasue it was givin to me when I reported fraud. I just have not heard anything about the situation and I feel that I should hear somthing because the address that she she filed the application for is my house alone. If you could please help me fiqure out what is going on. John H. Bowden

    Comment by John Bowden — October 25, 2008

  11. I find Fema to be guilty of fraud against the citizens of the united states of america.

    Comment by jesse gayosso — January 6, 2009

  12. I’m not sure is this is fraud or waste. A couple on Quave Rd., D’Iberville, MS lost their house & contents on Quave Rd. during Katrina. Their children are grown and on their own & their home was paid for. They promptly cleared their lot and bought a barn storage building at a local building store. A church from TN came in and turned the storage building into a livable little home with plumbing, etc. They even built stairs leading to a nice bedroom upstairs. The Helveston’s did nothing to code, like raising the building to required height. In a nutshell, they still applied to FEMA for a grant for a home. I’m not sure how much they got, but they bought a couple of acres in Ocean Springs, MS and bought a new double wide trailer to put on it. Now, they are selling the Ocean Springs land and trailer, and also the remodeled storage building (to be moved),on Quave Rd. They can do this because another church has volunteered to build them a new home to meet the codes. Like I said, this might be quite legal, but other people, like myself got help in rebuilding from the generous church people, and were so grateful that we didn’t even ask for FEMA assistance.

    Comment by Angela Johnston — June 15, 2009

  13. I reported Charles Patrick Davis III, date of birth 01-28-1967. He filed for fema assistance on my address 22201 William Wardm Moss Point, MS 39562, stated that he lived in a shed on my property (renting). He lived in the main dewelling on the property with me and not paying an source of rent. I have pictures of the items that were flooding and damaged from that shed. All the items removed from the shed were mine, I filed the damage on my homeowners insurance, also also there was no running water or bathroom area to the shed (totally unlivable) storage only. He received two fema checks in the range of $4,000 something then moved out after living here for two years. When I filed to received assistance I was told my address had already received fema assistance.

    My name is Cindy Kay Broome Grady 22201 William Ward Road Moss Point, MS 39562 a fema agent cantacted me about April or May of 2008. I thought something was going to be resolved at that time, I have not heard anymore.

    I can be contacted at 1-228-623-9112 cell
    1-228-809-5464 Office 1-228-381-3800 Work mobile.

    Again, I pray that this request not go unheard of unresolved.

    Charles Patrick Davis III lives in Vancleave, MS on Hwy 57 about a mile south of Wade Vancleave Road, on East side in trailer I think the address is (23233 Hwy 57) with Therse Hannah Davis III. Charles works at Flecther Construction in Pascagoula, MS on Shortcut Road, Therese works at Northroup Grumann Shipbuilding.

    This money was clearly received in fraud. There should be some type of penalty for his action.

    Comment by Cindy Kay Broome Grady — December 5, 2009

  14. I am wondering why FEMA money is being used to fence the LaJolla Indian Reservation in Pauma Valley CA.? I was told that it is to replace fencing that was destroyed in the 07 wildfires. I know for a fact they are putting up fences where there were never fences. Right now as I type this they are getting ready to fence land that has never had a fenced destroyed in any fire. The man found out last week he owned the property and was told they would fence it for him. Not only is federal aid money being wasted on fence it is also paying salaries for the people doing the work. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against fencing, I have a huge problem with money that is to be used for disaster relief being misused. My point is I feel there is reason this should be at least looked at.

    Comment by Glenda Parcell — January 12, 2010

  15. I want to give you information regarding an open case, Abigal Reine. She lied about loosing everything and in reality she used the money to leave her husband. Fema visited her husband and he told them she took the money and left him. Please review the case. Abigal Reine
    505 Hartford Pike
    Dayville, Ct. 06241

    Comment by Stacy Fletcher — May 7, 2010

  16. I Cindy Grady have more detail information about Charles P. Davis III. Social Security number 426-39-9471 Drivers License number 801548518 Date of Birth 01-28-1967. His employment is Pascagoula, MS with company Fletcher Construction 228-762-5792 address 3311 Shortcut Road. He is a heavy equipment operator at the new Medical Building / Health Department for Singing River Hospital. My contact number 1-228-623-9112. Again I pray this request reaches a level of concern. Thank you!

    Comment by Cindy K Broome Grady — May 16, 2010

  17. A Girl named Christie commented that I committed fraud with FEMA when I did not. She is very angry that her father left her mother to be with me. I did not know at the time that her father was still with her mother while we were living together. I found out later on that his wife was not dead like he had stated to me. We were together still when she passed away in January of 2006 -2008, not sure what year. And as of today, her father and I are still together 2010.

    Comment by LAnel Stewart — August 10, 2010

  18. Please check angela Boudreaux she lives on neco town road in new iberia louisiana she recieves assistance for 9 to 10 thousand dollar from fema They had no damage to the trailer they were living in. It was alrealy like that before and They lived in her mom’s yard.. so please check this out it is a out rage to do this ..

    Comment by cindy — August 13, 2010

  19. This is the second time I have filed this report, but since the first time was by phone and nothing has happened, I hought I would put the complaint in with a written form. My complaint is on my neighbors. I do not know their names, they are not very friendly, especially because they are Cape Verdean Immigrants and don’t often speak English. There address is 77 Hollis Street, Brockton, MA 02302-1218. It is a single family house.
    When this area of Massachusetts was flooded in the spring of 2010, it was deemed a Disaster, that made people eligible for FEMA Relief. My neighbors learned of that relief apparently, and filed for aid because their basement was flooded. While that is true, it was flooded not so much by the storm, but by the fact that they never checked the battery in their sump pump as the previous owner’s explained to them when they bought the house 4 years ago! In fact, that neighbor, Fatima Soones, now living in Georgia was here for a visit in the Summer of 2009 (long before the spring storms of 2010!) and asked the new owner if she could come into the house and show her son his old room. He let her in and even took her to the basement. She was shocked to see that the basement walls were ruined half-way up the walls. When she asked what happened, the owner said the sump pump broke. She reminded him that they had told them to check the batteries. While Fatima lived there the basement never flooded, because the sump pump was in good working order. And during the 5-7 years she lived there, in fact she had that part of the house built, the basement never flooded! The damage done to that basement done was long before that family notified FEMA! Fatima Soones address is 5520 Mountain View Pass, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087. I do not have her phone number, but you can call me at 508-588-6566, if you need it and I can get it from her sister who still lives in Brockton.
    I called in my first complaint when the FEMA volunteers arrived to remove all the damaged walls, etc. Now, this week, the the Free wall board was delivered and the volunteers from a Church in Pennsylvania are installing it for free!
    Of course, none of this is really free, the money comes from my taxes!
    These neighbors stopped using their washing machine years ago, if they ever had one. I have seen them on weekends driving bags and bags of laundry to the laundry mat (long before the storm). If FEMA gives them a new washing machine, I will be extremely upset!
    These people are frauds, cheats and liars. What makes this even more outrageous is that the neaighbor on the other side of my house is still waiting for her FEMA check for the damage done by the water in her basement. She is a divorced mother of 4, two of her sons and one of her daughters all served in Irag! She is way more deserving of your aid than the frauds on the other side of me. And as for my house, yes, I got a little water in my basement, but I have a working pump and thus, no damage!
    I was under the impression that FEMA had improved greatly after Hurricane Andrew. If this nonsense next door is not fully investigated and halted (or at least make them pay for it), I plan on going to the newspapers plus tell all my friends and customers to stop donating to relief efforts because FEMA is allowing fraud to go unpunished, not only as a cost to taxpayers, but a bigger affront to people who really need the aid!
    Thank you.
    John William Pye
    79 Hollis Street
    Brockton, MA 02302-1218

    Comment by John William Pye — August 19, 2010

  20. What if people received FEMA money to live somewhere else while there house was aka damaged and being repaired and stayed with a relative or someone else for free… fraud?

    Comment by P — February 15, 2011

  21. I had reported a person for fema fraud and I think it went no where. I found the original paperwork on the claim which they paid out 3 times and she kept the money. How can i find out if they even investigated? Thanks Jim

    Comment by Jim Haberny — February 24, 2011

  22. i am reporting my 26 yr old sister for trying to fraud fema the location she was claming she didnt live at the time of the tronado pls check in to dianna kay juedes she was claming a place my husband and i shared with her but she moved out the day after her birthday march 13 of this year. My husband and myself moved out at the begin of may like the 8 i think look for my rent recipes hope i can find them n the lease. I can even get the adress she was living in carterville missouri thank you

    Comment by amanda moore-harper — August 29, 2011

  23. Its a shame how people in my area of Cofield,Nc got all these 1000. of dollars from Fema doing Haricain Irene .The ones who needed help and lost things from their house leak of rain cant get not 1 penny to replace bedding that got wet .And Theresa Hall Of 1230 Ahoskie-Cofield Rd. who dose not stay in this house but once a mo. she lays up on other people because she is scared to stay in her house.She is a well known Crack smoker in the area .This women dose alot of wrong and get away with it .its not right.Im just trying to get People to see how the System works .Its not fair to the ones in need .My daughters lights were off for 7 days she lost all her food and could not get a dime to replace her food for 3 kids .but let a crack user walk in they get it all so they can smoke more .I surgest that when you give this money out you need to have a better way of doing it.Crack smokers who spend their whole SSI check on that stuff and dont pay their utitlties or any bills should not be able to get nothing but a room in rehab to get off of it.No checks no food stamps no nothing the Socal service needs to start pissing these people to clean them up or cut off their checks Thank you

    Comment by deborah colgin — September 29, 2011

  24. dear sir,
    i live i galveston,tx and we moved into a home thats was flooded be ike and the city at the time owned the several homes here in the area.
    the paper work we found said that you all paid the city x#’s of dollars for repairs.
    well, come to find out the correct work was not do to the homes.
    please write me back. it seems that here we are 2012 and we are still fighting with the city to do the right thing.
    please let me know i have more info if needed.
    on this matter.

    Comment by eric nelson — January 17, 2012

  25. I live in Philadelphia Pa and it isnt right how many people recieved fema money and didnt need it. They give people money to move but people are still living in there houses. This is fraud and someone need to do something as soon as possible, People recieving 900 to move in a diffrent house but never even moved so they kept the money to buy lottering tickets, clothes and shoes!

    Comment by — March 3, 2012

  26. I’m aware of a FEMA fraud case in Quitman MS.
    Is there a statute of limitation on mismanagement of payments and program abuse?

    Comment by Jonas Pearson — April 23, 2012

  27. I live in Waveland, MS. FEMA gave a grant to the City of Waveland to build a pier. I understand that this pier is supposed to be maintained and have people on the pier to keep up with it. Last August, the City relized that they were in a finacial crisis and furloughed and layed off a majority of the city workers. Included in this layoff was the pier workers. Since that time, they have made no initiative to rehire the employees and have indicated that they will not do so. The beautiful pier is now a mess. The restrooms are getting holes punched in the walls, the screens are being torn up. It is just a matter of time that the pier will look like the rest of Waveland. Hate to see my tax dollars wasted by giving the City of Waveland something to be proud of and letting them distroy it. They should be responsible to maintain this property.

    Comment by denise johnson — May 21, 2012

  28. I just found out this week that a person going by the name Nancy S. Long used my social security number and address to get $11900.91 from fema. I live in Monticello, Ms. If anyone knows this woman let me know. Please call or text me at 601-320-0086.

    Comment by Diane Permenter — June 29, 2012

  29. I have information about a married couple now living and collecting in IN that has defrauded FEMA out of about or more than one hundred thousand dollars, encourage others to do the same, collect free food and distribute it among their friends, have broken out all of the windows of their motor home, gone to the hospital multiple times claiming black mould infection, smoke like trains and are broke all of the time. People should get their just deserts when a disaster really happens to them but they should also get their just deserts for out and out criminal behavior. Their names are John Maxon and Angie Mason ( could be Maxon now ). They have been doing this ever since the disaster in Baton Rouge, LA.
    Kind Regards,
    Daniel McQuain

    Comment by Wayne Daniel McQuain — August 28, 2012

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